Lab report magnetic field

View lab report - magnetic fields from physics 112 at arizona state university magnetic fields phy 114 lab report 10/23/2013 abstract: the purpose of this experiment was to surrounding a magnet. Note: for this experiment, you will write a complete (formal) lab report and hand it in at the next meeting of your lab section this lab can not be your dropped grade for the semester magnetic fields are vector fields a vector (direction and magnitude) describing the magnetic field can be associated with each point in space. For lab #5b the worksheets are in appendix xi b theory b1 the earth's magnetic field the magnetic field lines of the earth are illustrated in fig 1 this is a dipole field, much like the dipole electric field that you examined in an earlier lab using the water tray your equipment will report the field data in. Purpose to measure and determine the relationship between a magnetic field generated by a line of current and a radial distance from a conductor, and to measure and determine the relationship between a magnetic field at the center of a coil and the number of turns in a coil.

Lab report for experiment 19 magnetic force and lorentz's law shivam agarwal lab partner: anton draayer ta: kunpeng mu june 21, 2016 introduction: this. Online assistance lab report template nudge questions questions ta notes purpose the purpose of this lab experiment is to investigate the magnetic force of a current-carrying wire in this experiment we will investigate the effects of current, length of wire and magnetic field strength on the magnetic force. Electric, and magnetic fields what is different laboratory report students write a lab report including diagrams of various fields from a variety of magnet types suggestions for instruction suggestions for assessment suggested learning resources aapt potpourri of physics teaching ideas. In addition, our new gaussmeters don't have enough precision to measure the magnetic field of the earth, and so this part is also omitted what is left is the lab below if you are interested in the original lab notes, then you may find them at and at.

Experiment 10 magnetic fields and induction please print 1 copy of report page and bring a diskette to save your data objective: to study the special dependence of the magnetic field of a solenoid apparatus: solenoid, magnetic field sensor, computer and interface, supporting posts and meter stick, power supply and. Laboratory #6 magnetic fields objective this experiment has 2 parts: (1) you will map the magnetic fields around a bar magnet and a current-carrying coil, and the lines inside the magnet to show their complete circu- lation 4 write the name of all partners on both figures 1 set of figures can be turned in for all reports. Lab report/phys 224 earth's magnetic field name_ ______ lab section_______________ __ objective in this lab, you measure earth's horizontal magnetic field background (a) “magnetic pendulum”: a bar magnet swings in magnetic field as shown in figure 1, when a bar magnet is placed in a magnetic field b, the.

Physics 1051 laboratory #5 magnetic field of a solenoid lab report lab report 1: write the objective of your experiment lab report 2: write the relevant theory of this experiment lab report 3: list your apparatus and sketch your setup. A solenoid is made by taking a tube and wrapping it with many turns of wire a metal slinky® is the same shape and will serve as our solenoid when a current passes through the wire, a magnetic field is present inside the solenoid solenoids are used in electronic circuits or as electromagnets in this lab we will explore. Annual report the lab's annual report showcases programs and activities from the previous year and includes abstracts of user and faculty research fields magazine written for both scientists and science fans, fields magazine is about the very cool things researchers discover about our world using high-field magnets.

This experiment demonstrates the three dimensional field lines of a magnetic bar the three dimensional cube contains some liquid and iron powders in it the iron powder can move freely in the cube a hole in the middle of the cube allows us to insert a magnetic bar when the magnetic bar is inserted, the iron powder will. Today it is generally accepted that the earth's magnetic field, as well as that of many other planets, is generated by buoyancy driven convection in the electrically conducting liquid cores of these rotating celestial bodies the conversion of this report outlines some fundamental properties of the earth's magnetic field.

Lab report magnetic field

For example, condensed-matter and materials scientists from other parts of the world routinely travel to the national high magnetic field laboratory (nhmfl) to an important corroborating observation is found in the european science foundation's 1998 report the scientific case for a european laboratory for 100 tesla. Introduction: the purpose of this lab was to use the magnetometer to find out the location, and also how far below the surface of the earth a metal pipe is the measurement of variations in the earth's magnetic field is used to tell the location of something below the earth's surface procedure: lay out a 25 meter(m. 1 experiment iv: magnetic fields and inductance i references tipler and mosca, physics for scientists and engineers, 5th ed, chapter 27 purcell, electricity and magnetism, chapter 6 ii equipment digital oscillocope paper plates signal generator foam plates differential amplifier magnet wire resistors tape.

  • Lab requires fairly large currents to flow through the wires do not leave the switch on except when taking measurements the wire and possibly the power supply may get hot if you leave current flowing continuously 4 repeat step 3, but this time, rotate the magnetic field sensor while you are holding the switch closed.
  • “in the last years, i came to the dresden high magnetic field lab a couple of times as a user by myself since may 2017, i am now a local contact for pulsed- field experiments assisting other users in their research what a surprising development” dr tino gottschall studied physics at the tu dresden and went for his phd to.
  • One of the experiments we did in physics lab 101 at cpc.

Magnetic fields and forces lab v - 1 magnetism plays a large part in our modern world's technology magnets are used today to image parts of in this set of laboratory problems, you will map magnetic fields from different sources and use the magnetic force to deflect physics 1202 laboratory report. Electric currents generate magnetic fields the magnitude and direction of the magnetic field generated depend on the specific geometry of the wire in which the current is flowing in this experiment, we study three different types of geometry: (1) a circular coil, (2) two circular coils with current flowing in either the same or. In this lab, you will examine how the magnetic field is related to both the number of turns in a solenoid and the current through it a complication that must be considered is that the sensor will also detect the earth's field and any local fields due to electric currents or some metals in the vicinity of the sensor objective. Experiment f earth's magnetic field measurement experimental objectives: to measure the local earth magnetic field and the field of a current-carrying circular coil's field pattern make a sketch including not just on the axis, but above and below the coil and in its plane, both inside and outside the coil reports and.

lab report magnetic field Ejournal report 5 score: /30 layout: /2 preliminaries: /4 data: /8 and results: /6 a magnetic force b magnetic fields of simple current configurations measure the number of turns, n, of the coil, and the length, ℓ, of the bottom section of the coil, and record these values in your lab journal. lab report magnetic field Ejournal report 5 score: /30 layout: /2 preliminaries: /4 data: /8 and results: /6 a magnetic force b magnetic fields of simple current configurations measure the number of turns, n, of the coil, and the length, ℓ, of the bottom section of the coil, and record these values in your lab journal.
Lab report magnetic field
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